Lt. Goetz,
  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your crew for the amazing class! It wasn't untill I had to do a uturn there that i realized, i can't do a uturn. So now every other saturday, a few of us who were in the class get together ( with some friends ) and practice. I can proudly say i can almost do a uturn now ;). We've tried to take as much of the knowledge and insight from the class and help others. We have definitely seen improvement in those who have come to our practices ( myself included)! 
 As a matter of fact, the 30 by 30 actually save me a few days ago. I ride with a group called th southern cruiser riding club. We're more of a lunch group with a riding problem! Well one of the bikers in front of me decided he wanted to cut in front of me to enter into a parking lot. If not for the fundamentals of the 30 x 30, i would've hit him! 
I had a question. What would it take to bring the class idea to san diego? Im not asking for you and your instructor to come down, but to have a group here that does something similiar? 

Thanks again,