From: Bea

To: Goetz, Ti
Subject: Re: Ride to Live photos

Hello Lieutenant Goetz:
I am pretty sure you remember be as I was the only female rider who showed up : )  I feel pretty lucky that I was among some really experienced riders.  I received a lot of advice from many of the riders about handling my bike with certain maneuvers and that advice instilled more confidence in me.  But above all, it was a so much fun!   
Thank you for your leadership and awesome program! The Officers who participated on Saturday and provided the training were very professional and knew their stuff well as they guided us throughout the day.  
I support keeping the Ride to Live program alive and would be happy to write a letter of support or help make some calls.  It looks like Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is the BOS in your area and he could certainly assist in supporting the program and waiving the fee for the use of the Caltrans area.  
Ridley Thomas is the Chairman for the Metro Project, but he also supports innovative transportation projects that includes bus services, rail lines and Bikeshare.  I have a feeling that as Chairman and as the BOS for Hawthorne, he might very well promote May Motorcycle Awareness Month and give this issue a push in the right direction.  Below are links for your review.  Let me know if can help in any way! 
Once again, thank you so much for this amazing experience.  I would love to share your next training with my group - Southern Cal Chapter based out of Fullerton, but our riders live in both Orange County and Los Angeles.  
Best regards,