To the chief of Police Hawthorne, 

I was fortunate enough over the weekend to attend the Ride To Live program put on by your Motor Officers. Superlatives are never an eloquent description but I'll use one, Fantastic! I am a rider with well over 35 years experience and I came away with a much better set of skills (to be worked on no doubt) than I arrived with. Your Motor Officers are the epitome of skilled motorcyclists. Better yet, they have developed a training method that in one day can impart skills that I haven't gained in all these years of riding. I read motorcycle media, I practice my riding skills, I think about what I should be doing and still they were able to make me a better motorcyclist in on training session. Ti and the rest of the instructors treated us as riders they wanted to make better, not as yahoos that needed to be corrected. Their point about fallen officers was also quite relevant to the days training. Your officers could not have been more professional while being approachable also. Along with the excellent training, this was certainly the most impressive community outreach from a law enforcement community that I have been witness to. As a result of our interactions during training I have added respect for the Hawthorne PD in particular and the Men and Women in Blue in general. Thanks does not suffice to convey my appreciation but I want to tell you and all of your Officers, THANKS! The life they save might be mine.