Hi Lt. Goetz,

Thank you for the Ride to Live safety instruction on Sat. July 16. I appreciate the dedication and preparation the Hawthorne PD's staff has put into this community class. All the officer instructors provided positive, constructive feedback, and they truly looked like they were enjoying the individualized practical teaching, which certainly made it even more positive for us. Please pass my thanks on to the parking enforcement folks who assisted you, too. I completely overlooked them during those last moments of the class, but their support was definitely a part of the day's success. 

FYI: When I got home, I decided I couldn't let the U-turn failure defeat me, so  I rested a bit then geared up and headed straight to an empty parking lot. With  no orange cones to lure me off course,  I negotiated a few full-lock U-turns in both directions with adequate (not great) head turn and no dabbing, plus I didn't drop my bike into any loose rocks. :)  Officer Barlin had the right idea when he started kicking the cones away during my turn on the intersection course. I guess I'll have to be aware of the distraction factor in the future. Total mind game, but obviously a safety factor to consider!

Thanks again, and I wish you and your team continued success with this endeavor.