TAKE THIS COURSE! This is by far the best training course I have taken, MSF included. The officers provide you with the tools needed to become a safe and proficient rider. We had sport bikes, cruisers, and touring bikes in our class, and the fundamentals taught applied to all. 


Lietenant Goetz, 

I wanted to thank you again for putting together such a well organized canyon riding course this past weekend.  I realize this was a tremendous amount of work for you to plan, organize and get approved.  It's amazing how just a few minor adjustments and knowledge can help cure bad habits that I didn't even know I had.   
The ability to see you demo the techniques live, then immediately be able to practice them on the road is priceless.  One can read books, and maybe interrpret the proper form correctly, sometimes getting it right, and well, sometimes not.  a live demo with the ability to ask questions to clarify is 100 X more effective, and accurate, to say the least.   

We are all very blessed and fortunate to have had this opportunity and the class has made riding the canyons so much more 'fun' for me, especially coming downhill.  I always have dreaded the 'downhill' portion, but on Saturday I was actually have fun with it.   

Thank you again, and if room allows, I would like to take the slow manuevering class again on my new bike.  I took it initially on my older bike and have now upgraded and have  not yet mastered the new higher center of gravity and new wide body that I ride.  I know I can, but if you ever have room in the original class I would love to have the opportunity to repeat it.   

I also looked up the Streetmasters course you suggested, it looks really good as well.  I plan to take that as soon as their new schedule for 2017 comes out.   

Thank you again for your passion and dedication.   

Dear Chief Fager,
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the innovative Ride to Live program your Department provides. What an amazing way to honor your fallen motor officers, provide outreach from your department and save lives by building skills on two wheels. It was an honor to meet Mr. and Mrs. Luna, and everyone of your officers were outstanding in every way. Sincere thanks to Lt. Goetz for delivering such a solid program, and to you for providing an amazing outreach to the community at large, with Ride to Live.
Sincere thanks